Agar Noble agar, ultrapuro

Fornitore: Thermo Scientific

Synonyms: Agar AgarAgar-agar

J10907.36EA 347 CHF
J10907.36 J10907.A1
Agar Noble agar, ultrapuro

Gelling agent essentially free of impurities. Used mainly in biochemistry and molecular biology procedures wherever increased purity is required.

Punto di fusione: 90 °C
Temperatura di stoccaggio: Ambiente
MDL Number: MFCD00081288
CAS Number: 9002-18-0
EINECS: 232-658-1
Merck Index: 13,00184

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Risultati del test di specificazione

Assay Absorbance (450 nm, 1.5%) ≤0.150
Assay Gel Point (1.5%) 32 - 37.5 °C
Assay Gel Strength (1.5%) ≥700 gm/cm²
Assay Gel pH (1.5%) 5.0 - 7.0
Ash ≤1.6%
Comment EEO (-Mr): ≤0.450 (pH 8.4)
Resistance (1% suspension) ≥20,000 Ohms
Residual water ≤10%

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