HPLC columns, Purospher® STAR Phenyl

Supplier: Merck

Purospher® STAR
1.51918.1003EA 2880 CHF
1.51918.1003 1.51918.0001 1.51922.1003 1.51919.1003 1.51920.0001 1.51919.0001 1.51920.1003 1.51921.1003 1.51921.0001 1.51922.0001
HPLC columns, Purospher® STAR Phenyl
Chromatography Columns
Purospher® STAR Phenyl HPLC columns show an enhanced selectivity compared to standard alkyl phases. They are the first alternative to RP-8 or RP-18 selectivities for separation of aromatic compounds, fatty acids, purines and pyrimidines due to π-π interactions. The new Purospher® STAR Phenyl columns are based on high purity silica particles providing symmetrical peaks for basic compounds, high stability and excellent reproducibility.

LiChroCART® cartridges (150 and 250 mm length) in the list above (4,6 mm ID) require manu-CART® cartridge column holder 1.51486.0001.

Hibar® RT columns are complete with end fittings.
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