Cell culture reagents, microcarriers, Cytopore 2

Supplier: Cytiva
17-1271-01EA 1190 CHF
Cell culture reagents, microcarriers, Cytopore 2
Beads Microcarriers
Cytopore 2 macroporous microcarriers are principally designed for use in suspension culture systems for growth of adherent diploid cells requiering a higher surface charge and the production of recombinant proteins.

  • Macroporous structure of Cytopore microcarriers encourages cell growth into the bead, while the micropores provide maximum nutrient availability
  • The characteristics enable growth of cells which require high recirculation rates and high nutrient-availability
  • Intended for culture of truly anchorage-dependent cells which require a very high charge-density for optimal growth
  • Transparent for easy microscopic examination of attached cells
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