Affinity chromatography media, Capto™ Blue

Supplier: Cytiva
17-5448-01EA 278 CHF
Affinity chromatography media, Capto™ Blue
Protein Purification Protein Purification Resins
Capto™ Blue is an affinity medium for the capture of albumin, purification of enzymes, and recombinant proteins at laboratory and process scales.

  • Excellent chemical stability ensures tolerance of harsh solvents used in repeated cleaning-in-place and sanitisation procedures
  • Can be autoclaved repeatedly
  • Highly rigid agarose base matrix allows high flow rates and processing of large sample volumes with no reduction in binding capacity
  • Ligand functionality may be modified through the use of appropriate buffer salts and buffer conductivity to increase selectivity for desired targets

Excellent choice for the removal or purification of proteins at both laboratory and process scales.
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