DNA labelling, Amersham Rediprime II™ DNA Labelling System

Supplier: Cytiva
RPN1633EA 718 CHF
DNA labelling, Amersham Rediprime II™ DNA Labelling System
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Rediprime II™ DNA Labelling System consists of premixed, individually dispensed, random-prime reactions, freeze-dried for ambient stability.

  • Long shelf-life and simple, fast protocol
  • Premixed, ambient-temperature-stable reactions with a colour check for the labelling of DNA to specific activities of >10⁹ dpm/µg
  • No need to remove unincorporated nucleotides before hybridisation
  • DNA can be labelled in solution or in the presence of low melting point agarose
  • Labeling reaction complete in 10 minutes

Simply add substrate and [α-³²P]dCTP. As little as 25 ng substrate DNA can be used. Suitable for use with dCTP only.

Delivery information: Each system includes 30X labelling mix (buffered solution of dATP, dGTP, dTTP, exonuclease free Klenow enzyme and random primers in a dried, stabilised form) and Control DNA (lambda Hind III DNA in a dried, stabilised form).
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