Empty columns, HiScale™

Supplier: Cytiva
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Empty columns, HiScale™
Chromatography Columns
HiScale™ empty chromatography columns are a family of pressure-stable, easy to pack, columns for medium to high pressure liquid chromatography using a chromatography system.

  • Convenient column measurement scale, nonrotating plunger mechanism, and ergonomically designed components for easier adjustment during column packing
  • Built to withstand pressures up to 20 bar (2 MPa, 290 psi) for compatibility with modern BioProcess™ resins
  • Dual adapters and axial compression capability allow for a large range of bed heights and column packing protocols
  • Choose from 10, 16, 26, or 50 mm inner diameter, and 200 mm or 400 mm length to accommodate bed volumes up to 785 ml
  • Designed to facilitate robust process scaleup, as well as cost-efficient and accurate scaledown for applications such as viral clearance studies
  • Equipped with two adapters allowing for a large range of bed heights

HiScale™ pressure‐stable, empty columns are designed for process development and preparative chromatography using ÄKTA protein purification systems. These chromatography columns withstand pressures up to 20 bar, with a user‐friendly design that supports process optimization through simplified and reproducible operations.

The QuickLock mechanism of the adapter shaft facilitates rapid and easy movement of the adapter, simplifying adjustments as well as disassembly and cleaning. The entire shaft may be rinsed after column packing, minimizing the risk of bacterial growth. The column’s measurement scale helps users to predict and reach a predefined bed height.

HiScale™ columns are based on the well‐established line of XK columns. They are compatible with all methods currently applicable to XK columns.

HiScale™ 10/40 columns are especially suitable for scaledown studies used in, for example, viral clearance evaluation in downstream processing. The small inner diameter and flexible adapters minimize costly sample and viral spike volumes. The robust design of HiScale™ 10/40 allows for controlled bed heights and gives reproducible results offering an effective scaled down model of the large-scale downstream process.

HiScale™ chromatography columns are compatible with all Cytiva resins. For columns packed with SOURCE 15 and SOURCE 30, a 10 µm net ring should be used.

Delivery information: Each HiScale™ column is delivered with a column tube, outer protection tube, two adapters, PEEK tubing, and unions at both ends for easy connection to valves, pumps, and monitors. For HiScale™ 10/40, connectors are provided in the accessory kit included in the package.
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