Flat electrode for cell fusion

Supplier: BTX
700-4812EA 2420 CHF
Flat electrode for cell fusion
Electrodes Electroporation Electrodes
This flat electrode can be used for both electroporation and electro cell fusion. It generates either a divergent or homogeneous field depending on the orientation of the grooved electrodes.

The flat electrode can be oriented with the grooved sides of the electrode facing one another to generate a divergent field for use in electro cell fusion. Alternatively, it can be oriented with the flat sides facing each other providing a homogeneous field for electroporation. The electrode is made of two rectangular, parallel plates of high grade stainless steel that are press-fitted into a polysulfone base.

Generator compatibility: ECM 830, ECM 2001 and Gemini X2

Field type: Divergent or homogeneous

Gap: 1,0 mm

Applications: Cell fusion, hybridoma production, plant protoplast fusion, Mammalian cell transfection
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