Micro-quartz fibre filters

Supplier: Ahlstrom
BINZ420045EA 168 CHF
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Micro-quartz fibre filters
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Micro-quartz filters are useful for testing hot "stack" gases as the quartz fibers can withstand temperatures up to 900 °C. In addition, micro-quartz is used when the highest purity media is required. With excellent filtration properties and minimal traces of metals and minerals, quartz fibers are dimensionally stable and can be used in the analysis of acidic gases with the exception of hydrofluoric acid.

  • MK 360 conditioned by high temperature pre-heating
  • Made of extremely pure micro-quartz fibers
  • Binder free
  • Particularly suitable for low amount of particles

MK 360 is used in PM 10 testing according EPA ambient air monitoring, DIN EN ISO 23210 and DIN EN 14902:2005. These filters are available sequentially numbered according to EPA standards.

Typical grade properties:
Filter thickness: 0,42 mm (according to test method ISO 534:2005)
Wet burst: 254 mm H₂O (according to test method ISO 3689:1994)
Particle retention 0,3 µm: 99,9995% (according to test method ASTM D 2986-91)
Flow rate: 1,4 s (according to test method ISO 5636/5:2003)
Tensile strength (MD): 102 g/15 mm (according to test method ASTM D 828-97)
Brittleness: pass (according to Test for Fiber Filters)
Loss of ignition: 3,3 % filter (according to internal test)
Lead content: Low amount µg/filter (according to test method EPA RFM (40 CRF 50))
Alkalinity: 0 µeq/g of filter (according to test method T 428 om-99)
Trace elements analysis: Low amount (according to test method ICP analysis)
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