Protein Detection System, BLItz™

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Fortébio® BLItz®
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Protein Detection System, BLItz™
Analysers Protein Analysers
The BLItz™ system allows for label-free and real-time biomolecular interactions analyses.

  • Determine protein presence or absence
  • Analyse binding kinetics with immobilisation of one of the two partners
  • Quantitate proteins in a few minutes even in complex matrices
  • Label free and real-time technology saving time and reagents
  • Small sample volume required for an excellent alternative to the SPR systems

Using Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology to detect small changes in the number of molecules bound to a biosensor, real-time binding curves can be obtained in minutes, using as little as 4 µl of sample.

Thanks to the binding rate proportional to the concentration of the target molecule, the highly sensitive BLItz system is also used to quantify proteins at 100 ng/ml concentrations or more, even in crude samples.

BLItz™ measurements can be used to complement, or in some cases replace, labour-intensive methods – Binding pair optimisation, ligand binding studies, investigation of process or quantitative kinetics studies, optimisation of ELISA assays.
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