Cleanroom anti-fatigue mats, Ergomat® AFS Complete

Supplier: Ergomat

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Cleanroom anti-fatigue mats, Ergomat® AFS Complete
Floor Mats Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
The anti-static Ergomat® AFS Complete is made of pure polyurethane and is designed to increase comfort while reducing trip hazards and body pain. This mat is for all dry and damp areas where flame retardant and anti-static material is important. Great chemical resistancy for where chemical or oil spillage may occur. The smooth version is ideal for areas where trolleys and carts are used.

  • Choice of smooth or bubbled upper surface
  • Fire retardant, resists moderate oils and liquids
  • Moulded bevelled edges prevent curling, eliminates trip hazards
  • Raw virgin material guarantee durability and ergonomic benefits
  • Solid mat throughout, no hollow bubbles that collapse
  • Anti-static, free from silicone and latex

Suitable for use in Class ISO 5 (100) cleanrooms.

Colour: Anthracite

If the mat is exposed to liquids, it must be wiped off promptly to ensure a long-lasting performance. We recommend the Ergomat Nitril product line for any wet and damp work environments.

Certifications: Meets EN ISO standards
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