Laboratory pipetting needles with blunt ends

Supplier: Cadence Science
POPR7939EA 331 CHF
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Laboratory pipetting needles with blunt ends
Syringe Needles
All needles are made with type 304 stainless steel cannulae. Needles fitted with stainless steel hubs are designed for special applications with corrosive materials or critical procedures. Needles fitted with standard nickel plated Luer hubs are used in combination with both manual and automatic volumetric dispensers, dilutors and pipettors.

Micro-Mate® pipetting needles are developed for those applications requiring the use of plastic syringes with pipetting needles. These 90° blunt end needles are made with a 316 stainless steel cannula and a special 316 stainless Micro-Mate® female Luer hub. These hubs provide a secure, leakproof mating of plastic Luer tip syringes with metal Luer pipetting needles.
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