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The VWR Thermocycler Family

The VWR Thermocycler Family

The VWR® Collection Thermal Cycler family
Innovative technology in all formats!

The latest generation of the VWR thermal cycler family, packed with pioneering cycler engineering and now available in 32 well (Ristretto), 2 x 48 well (Doppio), 96 well and 384 well (UNO) block formats.

The combination of high-specification engineering and superior system control enables powerful, fast ramping, stable temperature control and a high level of system reliability. The 'touch screen' control, USB ports, LAN connection and universal block for 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes result in unique ease of use.

The VWR® Collection thermal cyclers provide both best technical specifications and innovative features, e.g. FlexGradient Technology, Emulation Mode, 'PCR Cycler Master' PC software, etc.

Product Video

Watch our product video to get a quick impression of our easy-to-use Thermal cyclers and some of the innovative features like FlexGradient Technology and Emulation Mode.


Product Overview

32 well
(gradient optional)
2 x 48 well
(gradient optional)
96 well
(gradient optional)
96 well

384 well