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Life Science

For a limited time, buy the SpectraMax M3 microplate reader for the price of the M2

Don’t miss this incredible offer on microplate readers!

Get more microplate reader functionality for a lower price!

GÜLTIG BIS 31/12/2017

GE BioXtra 2017

Save up to 75%

Selecting the right tools can have a big impact on your research results. Explore what BioXtra can offer you.

GÜLTIG BIS 31/12/2017

VWRbioMarke Shop

Issue 37 - September 2017

Over 25 essential offers for life scientists covering cell biology, genomics & proteomics applications

GÜLTIG BIS 31/01/2018

DNA from buccal swabs made fast and fully traceable

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A full workflow solution from patient swabbing to automated purification of DNA

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

Extended ability of the Axygen® AxyPrep MAG PCR Clean-up kit for effective DNA fragment selection

Adapting sequencing sample preparation for the next generation

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

VWR® PCR plates paired with matching sealing films

Perfect teamwork in the laboratory!

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

VWR® 96-well low temp. PCR© rack - NEW

Unique patent-pending lid design!

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

Micro pH electrodes

For small sample volumes in life science and pharmaceutical applications

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

Thermo Scientific™ direct PCR

Learn more about Direct PCR

Amplify without purification

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

Nunc™ plate selection guide for cell-based assays - screening - immunoassays

Learn more

Nunc™ plate selection guide for cell-based assays - screening - immunoassays

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

Discover the complete range of Biowest most used Cell Culture Media and save 25%

Sequencing of PCR products generated by VWR coloured master mixes

FREE samples!

Red Taq Master Mix and Blue TEMPase Master Mix

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

MicroRNA profiling - confidence in your results and flexibility in assay design

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GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

Memmert ICO CO₂incubators


Safety at all times

GÜLTIG BIS 30/11/2017

illustra™ ExoProStar™ S: Enzymatic PCR and sequence reaction clean-up

Purify PCR and sequencing set-up reactions quickly, efficiently and reliably

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

KAUTEX Weithalsbehälter aus PVC

Die transparenten Alleskönner

GÜLTIG BIS 31/10/2017

Sample preparation - a critical step to get a good yield

Watch our video!

Optimize DNA, RNA, protein and drug extraction using the Precellys® Homogenizers

Excellent result by using Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit

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A Performance Comparison Study: Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit vs. Qiagen’s RNeasy® Plus Mini Kit

AcroPrep™ Advance 96-well filter plates for DNA purification

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Maximum yields of high quality DNA

When using CRISPR/Cas9 system, transfection is a key to ensure a successful genome editing.

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Polyplus-transfection jetPRIME® reagent is especially well-suited for this application

Nukleinsäure-Dekontamination mit DNA-ExitusPlus™

Vermeiden Sie falsche PCR-Resultate!

DNA-ExitusPlus™ ist eine Dekontaminationslösung zur Enfernung von DNA- und RNA-Kontaminationen

Innovative PCR Cycler in allen Formaten

Attraktive Sonderpreise!

Thermocycler-Technologie der neusten Generation - Made in Germany!

Taq DNA-Polymerasen und Master Mixe

Fordern Sie Ihr kostenloses Muster an!

Ultrarein & temperaturbeständig, für eine Vielzahl von PCR-Anwendungen ohne zeitaufwändige Optimierung.

10 Tips for optimal siRNA transfection

Transfecting siRNA with a high efficiency won't be a challenge anymore

Comparison of two colorimetric assays in the detection of cytotoxicity in fibroblasts initiated by apoptotic inducers

G-Biosciences offers several colorimetric cell-based proliferation and toxicity assays that have been optimised for microplates.

Nanosep Centrifugal Devices

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Ideal for numerous applications including the concentration, purification, and desalting of oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA and proteins

Precision liquid handling and personalised medicine

Come take a look inside the Biotix Robotics Laboratory and see how we ensure the best for you!