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Alfa Aesar

Alfa Aesar

Forte de plus de 46'000 références, la gamme Alfa Aesar propose des produits chimiques, des métaux et solutions pour le Life Science et vous aide à améliorer votre R&D.

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical graphite products, conductivity standards, infrared spectroscopy, ion chromatography standards, mass spectrometry standards, atomic absorption standards,  pH determination materials, ICP-MS standards, multi-element standards, indicators and dyes, volumetric solutions, acids and bases, XRF standards  . Everything you need for your analytical application, including the famous Specpure® brand from Alfa Aesar. General analytical chemistry such as pH determination, spectroscopy, indicators and dyes, volumetric solutions and acids and bases.


Ferrocenes, fuel cell products (HiSpec and HiFuel), metal scavengers, precious metals and catalysts  for your organometalic chemistry application.

Essential lab supply

Drying agents, adsorbants and indicators. Discover Alfa Aesar's essential lab supplies.

Life Science

Antibiotics, biochemical reagents, buffers, enzymes, inhibitors and much more for your cellular and molecular biology, biomedical technologies, proteomics, genomics, immunology etc.


ACS solvents, semiconductor grade solvents, spectrophotmetric grade solvents, environmental garde solvents, halogenated compounds. Alfa Aesar's solvents with the specifications you are looking for for your application.

Specialty Labware

Specpure® Standards

The famous Specpure® brand from Alfa Aesar including AAS standards, analytical graphite products, conductivity standards, ion chromatography standards, mass spectrometry standards, atomic absorption standards, ICP-MS standards, multi-element standards, XRF standards,environmental standards, inorganic standards for water analysis, oil-based standards, plasma standards and petroleum viscosity standards.

Synthetic Chemistry

Everything you need for chelation, oxidation and reduction reactions.