Bioprocessing solutions for recombinant proteins

Recombinant proteins are manufactured using microbial (E. coli) expression systems. They represent a group of smaller protein molecules that include cytokine (erythropoietin or EPO), growth factors (insulin), and enzymes (Urokinase) among others.

When using E.coli expression systems, the target protein is intracellularly secreted and may be challenging to recover. These insoluble proteins, along with other contaminants, are located in inclusion bodies within the bacteria cytoplasm. That bacteria is lysed, releasing the insoluble inclusion bodies.

Once the proteins are solubilized and isolated, additional mechanical and chemical additions allow proper protein folding, resulting in biologically active proteins. Purification utilizing chromatography steps is comparable to that used for other biologics.

VWR, part of Avantor offers a broad range of products to aid in the recombinant protein manufacturing process including fermentation products to support cell growth and excipients, such as polysorbates, that are in the formulation a range of chromatography media to aid in recombinant protein purification.

Recombinant proteins workflow

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