Sidney Manufacturing Facility

Our 36,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Sidney, British Columbia supports VWR Custom Manufacturing Services and operates under the SEASTAR CHEMICALS brand, which was acquired by VWR in January 2017. The facility includes 11,000 sq. ft. for manufacturing, a 13,500 sq. ft. warehouse, and 11,000 sq. ft. for administration.

Custom designed in-line bottle filling unit

ICP-MS unit for trace metal analysis

Cleanroom for sample preparation

Warehousing and administration building

Core Capabilities

  • Ultra-pure acid and base manufacturing
  • Trace metal analysis
  • Research and development for high-purity acid and semiconductor thin film deposition

Industry Segments and Applications

  • Research and laboratory
  • Semiconductor thin film deposition and thin film etching

Major Products

  • High-purity acids and bases (trace metal purity measured at the ppb and ppt concentrations)
  • High-purity products for atomic layer etching and deposition

Primary Functions

  • High-purity acid and base manufacturing
  • Trace metal analysis with ICP-MS
  • Design and fabrication of specialized acid dispense and delivery systems
  • High-purity custom blends in clean containers
  • Development of new products for the semiconductor market

Quality Systems

  • Propriety quality system designed specifically to meet industry standards

Quality Control Capabilities and Instrumentation

  • Three ICP-MS units on site for trace metal analysis to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards
  • Trace metal analysis to the ppq level

Major Production Equipment Details

  • Custom designed semi-automated bottle filling line
  • Industry-leading proprietary distillation technology
  • Three ICP-MS units to analyze our product
  • Custom designed bottle cleaning system
  • Custom thin film etching systems

Controlled Environment Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Trace metal clean room space specifically designed for the manufacture and analysis of high-purity acids
  • ULPA filters which are 99.99995% efficient at most penetrating particle size (MPPS)